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Millennium Development Goals Achievement Fund (MDG-F)


Logo of the MDG Fund, in which Spanish Cooperation participates

The Millennium Development Goals Achievement Fund (MDG-F) emerged from an agreement between the Spanish Government and the United Nations, through the UN Development Programme (UNDP), to improve the quality of life of thousands of people throughout the world who live in extreme poverty. It is currently seen as one of the best international cooperation tools for working towards the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and is the largest contribution made by a single donor for this purpose in the entire history of the UN.

After five years in operation, this fund has financed 130 joint programmes in 50 countries all over the world designed to assist national governments, local authorities and civil-society organisations in their efforts to eradicate poverty and inequality through the experiences and coordinated action in the field of over 27 UN agencies. Each joint programme involves an average of five UN agencies. This coordinated approach is replicated on a governmental level in each country with various government departments and local governments working together to implement the programmes.

Administrative Fund Data

Image of a world map showing the distribution of MDG Fund projects in various countries

The work carried out by the MDG Fund is divided into the following eight thematic areas: 

The section, Changing lives: the impact of Cooperation, contains various testimonies from people whose lives have been transformed thanks to the work of the MDG Fund.

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