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Terms of reference for a consultancy on the sys tematization of experiences and learnings in Tailand-Cáritas-Coerr


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Cáritas Española

Fecha de inicio:

Ostirala, Uztaila 14, 2017

Fecha de fin:

Ostirala, Uztaila 28, 2017

The consultancy covers a span of 18 months from the signature of the contract. There will be flexibility in the implementation of the required tasks and submission of products, according to the needs identified during the process of consultancy. The location for developing the consultancy is Thailand. The first mission to Thailand for the consultant team is scheduled for the last two weeks of August 2017. Technical and financial proposals will be submitted before July 28th 2017 by mail to the staff responsible for receivings tenders: Noelia de Pablo Torres: ndepablo.ssgg@caritas.es; Vittoria Garofalo: vgarofalo.ssgg@caritas.es; Fátima Zidan: fzidan.ssgg@caritas.es; y Ben Mendoza: ben@coerr.org.