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Since the 1990s, universities have played an increasingly central role in development cooperation, creating unified structures to make an effective contribution to cooperation. They have also launched a broad range of activities designed to enhance solidarity between different sectors of the university community, from teaching and research to actual cooperation projects, including technical support for other institutions, education cooperation or activities for enhancing social awareness.

According to the Development Cooperation Code of Conduct for Spanish Universities, which was created by the Internationalisation and Cooperation Commission (CICUE) of the Conference of Chancellors of Spanish Universities (CRUE) and has been approved by the Board of Governors of 98% of State universities in Spain and 70% of Spanish universities as a whole, University-based Development Cooperation covers a range of activities carried out by the university community and designed to contribute to social change in the world's poorest countries, in support of peace, fairness, human development and environmental sustainability throughout the world; a process of change in which the support provided by academic institutions plays a vital role.

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