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Trade Unions

Logotipos de la Fundación Paz y Solidaridad y del Instituto Sindical de Cooperación al DesarrolloCCOO UGT

The key objectives of the development cooperation work carried out by Spanish trade unions, in collaboration with trade unions in developing countries, include the defence of freedom and of decent work as a fundamental aspect of development, the strengthening of trade unions in partner counties and the creation of trade union networks dedicated to worker issues on a global scale. As such, trade union activities focus on governance and fostering respect for Human Rights, Trade Union Rights and sustained and sustainable economic and social development. In Spain, the leading trade unions (CCOO, UGT), either directly or through the organisations they have set up in the field of development cooperation work (the Peace and Solidarity Foundation [Fundación Paz y Solidaridad], The Trade Union Institute for Development Cooperation [ISCOD]), carry out a range of trade union-related development cooperation initiatives, in collaboration with the AECID, with international organisations and with other Spanish Cooperation participants.

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