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A series of fundamental working areas for cooperation has been defined on an international level. Within these areas, Spanish Cooperation allocates nearly 40% of its Development Assistance to supporting social infrastructure and services, including: education, health and human rights protection, and initiatives relating to gender equality, civil society and good governance, water and sanitation and social services.

Various production sectors are also classified as fundamental cooperation areas, including agriculture, fishing or industrial development, emergency aid, debt transactions and awareness creation. The "other sectors" category would include environmental aid, support for refugees in Spain, administrative costs, budget support for other governments and aid that is allocated to non-specified sectors.

Chart with the distributions ODA by Sector Cooperation Spanish ACTION: Social Infrastructure and services 38% (4% Sexual and reproductive health, 9% Gender equality, 8% Peace building, 6% Water and sanitation, 12% Social services, 18% Governance, civil society and human rights, 16% Health y 26% Education. Debt 7%. Economic infrastructure and services 5%. Production sectors 8%. Emergency aid 8%. Creating awareness about development 4%. Others sectors 30%.