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Projects of the Autonomous Community of Rioja

Group of women from El Salvador





Solidarity, Education and Development Rioja (SED Rioja)

Improving the education system by building new classrooms and a library at the Champagnat secondary school in the Ganosso neighbourhood, Kandi
Benin Manos Unidas Association Clean water supply and distribution network in Buro, Niaro and Seeru
Bolivia Humanism and Democracy Foundation (Fundación H+D) Boosting income in six communities in the Andean Highlands in the municipality of Villazón by improving production infrastructure and strengthening livestock organisations that specialise in breeding, transformation and commercialisation of meat
Colombia YMCA La Rioja Production-sector women and young people moving forwards
Ecuador Coopera Towards integration and inclusion: building a comprehensive education and training centre for children and young people with hearing disabilities in Lago Agrio, Sucumbío
El Salvador Medicus Mundi Strengthening local healthcare systems for a healthy adolescence and safe passage through motherhood in the municipalities of Atiquizaya and Tacuba in the Ahuachapán department
Guatemala AMSALA Food security
India Vicente Ferrer Foundation Improving the reproductive health of women in the Bathalapalli region, Anantapur district
Mauritania Formación y Vida Organisation Agricultural training for women in the Sahel/Huertos women's cooperative in N'Diawaldi Bouly
Peru Prelar Building personal skills and helping to creating self-employment opportunities for vulnerable women
Peru Visión Mundi Foundation Fight against blindness programme in Cuzco Phase 1
Peru Haren Alde Improving the quality of life in selected communities in the Conchán district of the Chota province
Peru Kaipacha Indi Building a mechanic's workshop, a minor repair workshop and four training classrooms
Democratic Republic of the Congo Company of Mary International Solidarity Foundation (FISC) Reducing the mortality rate in Kyondo
Western Sahara Rioja Baja Solidaria Association Building a nursery for 150 children in the Daïra of Argub, part of the Wilaya of Dakhla in the Sahrawi refugee camps.