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Other ministries

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation (MAEC) is responsible for managing and coordinating Spain's development policy and also works to ensure that the legally acknowledged principle of policy coherence is upheld. These duties are carried out through the Office of the Secretary of State for International Cooperation and for Ibero-America (SECIPI). In addition to the MAEC, the activities of a number of other ministries also shape cooperation and development policy. These ministries are listed below due to their involvement in the development of other countries. Firstly, the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (MINECO), whose activities that are connected to development policy include, among others, those related to debt management and international financial institutions. Other Ministries also carry out development cooperation activities within their own fields of activity in both a multilateral and bilateral context, in addition to managing policies that have a considerable effect on development processes.

List of links to the websites of other ministries:

Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment

Ministry of Defence

Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness

Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport

Ministry of Employment and Social Security

Ministry of Public Works

Ministry of Finance and Public Administration

Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism

Ministry of Home Affairs

Ministry of Justice

Ministry of the Presidency

Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality



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