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FIIAPP logo, a participant in Spanish Development Cooperation

The International and Ibero-American Foundation for Administration and Public Policies (FIIAPP) is apublic international cooperation entity. Active in 90 counties throughout the world, the FIIAPP is one of the Spanish institutions with the greatest international presence.  The Foundation seeks to improve the legal frameworks and the way public administration is run in the countries in which it operates. Through advising public administrations in other countries and strengthening their public policies, the FIIAPP contributes to improving the quality of life in partner countries.

To implement its projects, each year the FIIAPP mobilises some 1,200 Spanish civil servants and top-level experts and is twinned with over 100 institutions throughout the world.

All the projects that are currently managed by the FIIAPP are within priority geographical areas for Spanish foreign policy (Latin America, North Africa, West Africa and countries that neighbour Europe). In addition, the vast majority of these projects focus on the key areas of activity and goals of  International cooperation policy (immigration, terrorism, climate change, the fight against poverty, development of social services…).

The Vice-president of the Spanish Government, Sra. Dª. María del Carmen Calvo Poyato, is the Chairwomen of the FIIAPP Board, which also counts various ministers and top-level representatives of the Spanish Government among its members.


Carolina Foundation Logo

The Carolina Foundation was set up in October 2000 with the goal of fostering cultural relationships and cooperation in educational and scientific activities between Spain and its fellow members of the Ibero-American Community of Nations or with other countries with which it has a special historical, cultural or geographical connection.

As seen in its mandate, activities and general organisation, the Carolina Foundation is a unique institution within the Spanish Development Cooperation system and the Ibero-American Community of Nations.

Its uniqueness stems from:

  • The joint participation between public and private agents in its funding, governing bodies and initiatives.
  • Its role as a bridge and catalyst for resources between decentralised administrations and entities such as large companies, academic institutions, research centres or NGOs.
  • Its priority focus on culture, education, science and technology as essential areas in which to promote international development cooperation, the fight against poverty and the promise of future peace and freedom.
  • Its commitment to geographical balance and to democracy based on equal representation for the people supported by its projects.

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