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Development Policy Evaluation and Knowledge Management Division

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The Development Policy Evaluation and Knowledge Management Division is responsible for evaluating International Development Cooperation policy.

In addition to managing and performing evaluations, this task involves: arranging, coordinating and monitoring evaluations of international cooperation strategies, instruments, actions, programmes and projects; issuing recommendations for improving the actions, managing knowledge and publishing evaluation reports; improving the system for evaluating Spanish Cooperation and promoting a culture of evaluation among the stakeholders in the system; and taking part in international development policy evaluation networks, especially the Development Aid Committee (DAC) Network on Development Evaluation.

Evaluation is a way to provide learning opportunities that will improve the effectiveness and quality of our cooperation system. It also contributes to transforming reality and provides elements for transparency and accountability. Therefore, the evaluation function shares the ultimate goal of Spanish Cooperation: to contribute to human development, reduce poverty and promote the full exercise of rights.

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